Arizona Exorcist 

   Phoenix Metro Area

Bishop Barry

Arizona Exorcist Bishop Barry is an Independent Minister, Exorcist and Lay on Hands Energy Practitioner in the Phoenix Metro Area. He is the Founder of Healing Hearts Home Deliverance. A Ministry that provides Exorcism Prayers for Haunted Homes, People and Objects.

The Bishop has worked with Paranormal Investigators for several years when they have encountered Demonic or Malevolent Spirit cases. He also was a Co-Founder of a Paranormal Investigation Group before paranormal investigations became popular on TV shows today.

Bishop Barry Specializes in Exorcism Prayers that Curb the Power of Darkness and help drive away unwanted Paranormal Activity. He has performed many Exorcisms here in the Phoenix Arizona, Metro Area and has studied Parapsychology for many years.

As a Lay on Hands Energy Practitioner, the Bishop can see and feel the Bio Energy Field around people which helps him focus on areas of the body that need unblocked to promote healing and removing negative spiritual attachments. 

Book Authors and Movie Producers have consulted with the Bishop for his hands on Paranormal Experience and local media have done articles on him.

He is also a Researcher on how our energy fields are effected in good and bad ways by emotions, thoughts, words, intentions, sounds, music and mostly prayers.

Contact Bishop Barry at Healing Hearts Home Deliverance for Exorcisms in the Phoenix Metro Area Only.

No Religious Affiliation required.

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Healing Hearts Home Deliverance and Bishop Barry provide Prayers Only and those needing Medical Help or Counseling should Visit SAMHSA or call the 1-800-662-4357 National Helpline.