Arizona Exorcisms  

   Phoenix Metro Area


                                                                              Bishop Barry

Arizona Exorcist Bishop Barry is an Independent Christian Minister providing Home Services in the Phoenix Metro Area.

Book Authors and Movie Producers have consulted with the Bishop for his hands on knowledge of the Paranormal and Media here in the Valley of the Sun have done Articles on him.

Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters have referred Bishop Barry for help on Demonic and Malevolent Spirit cases they have encountered.

The Bishop Specializes in Exorcism's that curb the Power of Darkness and that help drive away unwanted Paranormal Activity.

Exorcist Bishop Barry has studied Parapsychology for many years and has performed many Exorcisms here in the Valley of the Sun. 

You may contact the Bishop to setup a Home Visit for an Exorcism on Homes, People and Objects.

No Religious Affiliation required. 

Contact Number:


Bishop Barry performs Christian Prayers Only and encourages those with Medical conditions to see a Licensed Medical Doctor for Treatment. 

Online Donations are accepted from those who can give to help the ministry help those going through a Paranormal Experience.